We enable delivery for restaurants that use their own delivery drivers, and can help you set up tiered delivery fees based on distance. You can allow customers to order for ad-hoc delivery or you can manage bulk deliveries using delivery slots.

We also integrate with several delivery management tools such as Vromo and route optimisation planners such as Route4Me.

Find out more on our Features page.

Dining in

Yes, customers can enter their table name or number, or scan a QR code at the table.

The order is immediately sent to your POS to fulfill.

When the order is ready the system can send a push notification or sms to let the customer know it is ready to collect, or your staff can deliver the order to the table.

Customers can place an order to align to an existing booking by providing their name and booking reference, but cannot book a table based on availability.

Plans & Pricing

We charge a low flat-rate subscription per store, and do not charge any commission on your sales so you can retain your profits.

Note: The subscription does not include any card processing fees you pay to your online payment processor.

See our Plans & Pricing page for our current subscription options.

Point of Sale (POS)

We directly integrate with Kounta and Uniwell. For restaurants using these point of sale (POS) systems, orders will flow directly into your POS, and print from your pre-existing printers.

For restaurants using a different POS system, we can still send orders to your existing receipt printer on most Windows-based POS systems (e.g. IdealPOS, SwiftPOS, PixelPoint, and others) or can send online orders to a phone, tablet, or our all-in-one tablet and printer.

More information about these options can be found on our Features page.

Vend POS integration is also coming soon, so contact us to register your interest if you use Vend POS.

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